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Quabbalistic Talismans

For Fortune & Abundance

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Your individual Talisman

Talismans are available with traditional symbols, with sigils and various charging options. I offer individual talismans for luck and abundance. For this purpose, pendants, rings, bracelets and small objects made of copper or brass are suitable. You can choose the desired object for example on Amazon, I will order it for you. First, I clean the object from unwanted influences. Then I charge the object with a quabbalistic formula to permanently imbue it with the energies of fortune and abundance. Afterwards you will receive the finished talisman.
As an option, you can also get the talisman yourself, clean it with alcohol or a detergent, and then send me photos. I will then load it remotely.
A talisman for fortune and abundance is connected with the Venus sphere and attracts positive influences according to the water element.

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How do I work with my talisman?

Basically: The talisman is charged with the right energies to attract positive influences, fortune and abundance. The metal of the talisman works as a natural battery which stores and recharges these energies.

Now, it is your task to connect consciously to the talisman and to meditate about the desired effects. 

This means, you take the talisman into your hands and then you meditate and imagine how the talisman increases your natural attraction of fortune, of happy situations, growing abundance and satisfaction, happy conditions and blessings for you as a person, for your life and for your projects. Try to connect to the talisman, to the energies of fortune and to the Venus sphere. Meditate that you are perfectly connected to all the ideas and powers of fortune and abundance. Imagine and really feel how you attract fortune, abundance and happy conditions into your life, how things improve, how it is to be lucky. 

Spend every day a few minutes on such meditations. Also imagine that your fortune grows and unfolds naturally, automatically to a desirable, good level.

The more you enhance the work of your talisman with positive ideas, imagination and feelings, the better are the effects.

After a while you will reach an optimum where you and the talisman cooperate perfectly.  

What can I expect?

The effects of the talisman depend on your personality and on how intensive your work with it. 
For example, the more refined and powerful you are, the better the talisman will work. Daily, respectively regular meditations with the talisman offer better effects as well.
But even in the case that you have problems or that you feel blocked, the talisman can help you getting inspiration to solve the problem or help or to attract blessings. 
Besides these aspects, - the talisman works with high energies which unfold influences on the higher planes of existence. So, effects can be subtle like attracting useful insights which guide you to happy situations.

What you cannot expect

It is unrealistic and unlikely that you will win the lottery. Such things can happen if it fits to your life plan, to your karma. Normally, such things do not happen. Always ask yourself what is good for you, what helps you to make progress, what helps you to grow as a soul. These are individual things, not the mainstream answers like big house, big car, winning the lottery and a top model as a girlfriend.

Special Meditation on Fortune & Abundance

Take your talisman and enter a meditative state. Inhale and exhale consciously to calm down. Keep your talisman in your hand or lay it in front of you. Now imagine that you are in the center of the Venus sphere, surrounded by wonderful green light. Indeed, you are surrounded by the energies of fortune, of abundance, of harmony, of beauty, of all what is good and vital. Just meditate about this. You are surrounded by the abundance and beauty of God in the Venus sphere. Now become aware of your natural breathing. You inhale and exhale air as usual but as you are now surrounded by the energies of fortune and abundance, by the energies of the Venus sphere, you are breathing these energies automatically together with the air. Just keep on breathing in a natural, regular and deep way. With every breath, you fill yourself more with the energies of the Venus sphere, with the energies of fortune, harmony and abundance. At some point you will feel saturated with these energies. Meditate that the qualities of the Venus sphere integrate more and more in your personality, that you are abundance, that you are fortune and harmony in nature. And this is also true for your talisman as it is connected to you. Let your talisman inhale the energies of the Venus sphere, the energies of fortune and abundance, and feel that your talisman supports you in life, in all situations, in all challenges, that it attracts fortune and abundance to you. Meditate about various situations where you feel the divine blessings, the blessings of fortune and abundance in your life, where good things are happening, where you feel lucky, where you inner and outer abundance is growing in wonderful ways. Feel the joy and the gratitude. After while, you can release, - exhale extra energies back into the universe so that you feel "normal" again. Repeat this meditation as often as you like, maybe once per week until you feel that the virtues of the Venus sphere are truly a part of your own nature. Repetition is the key to perfection.
If you want to enhance this meditation, you can add the cold, magnetic aspect of the water element to the charging of your talisman to strengthen its attraction of all what is good, of fortune and abundance.
Please understand that all magical tools need such meditations to strengthen their effects. Everything in life needs to be recharged even if a talisman or another tool has already a basic, high charge.

The talisman feels cold, why?

It is possible that you have a cold sensation when you touch the talisman or connect to it. The energetic charge is partially based on the water element. It is the aspect of attraction. If it feels unpleasant then you can command/imagine the talisman to connect to your belly, your navel chakra (which it is supposed to do automatically). If it still feels unpleasant, you can keep your talisman on distance, imagining that it attracts fortune independent from any physical distance.

Please understand

Although the talisman will be prepared according to the instructions of Franz Bardon with focus on the highest quality standard, specific effects cannot be guaranteed. You take full responsibility for working with your talisman. As explained the effects depend in main on you and your meditative work.

Why only new talismans?

Old pieces of jewelry are often polluted by the energies of their former owners and energetic connections can still remain. Here it is easier and smarter to work only with new pendants which have no questionable history.

How do I order a talisman?

The preparation and the quabbalistic charging of your talisman costs 45 €. The talisman itself and the shipping are extra and need to be calculated individually.

Please send me an email to coaching(at) with (copy & paste)

  • Your full name:

  • Your birthday:

  • Choose your option:

  • Option I: Your address for delivery:

  • The German Amazon link with your chosen pendant, ring, bracelet or object (copper or brass):

  • Option II: I get the talisman by myself for remote charging.

  • Yes, I have read the information on the page, FAQ, the terms and conditions, and I take full responsibility for using the talisman.

  • Yes, I understand and accept that the talisman works corresponding to my personality and meditative work.

  • Specific effects cannot be guaranteed.

  • Your question or comment:

I will answer your email as soon as possible. Questions and answers will be added to the FAQ section.

Talismans: FAQ
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