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Spiritual Healing Sessions with Ray

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

As an initiate and professional naturopath for psychotherapy, I unite the spiritual healing traditions of the Cathars and the Knights Templar with the universal, hermetic teachings unveiled by Franz Bardon.
Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9 am German time zone I offer a group healing session.
You can book sessions on a weekly basis. This means, you will take part in 3 sessions, choosing the first, second, third or fourth week of a month.
This service is based on donations. Donations can be made before or after the sessions.

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Healing Sessions: Info

Please register

Please fill in the following and send it together with a portrait photo to: coaching(at)
Full name:
I prefer the following week for my sessions:
Portrait photo is attached.
I am open to receive divine healing energies and blessings. 
I am open to positive changes in my personality and life.
I am willing to experience healing in spirit, soul and body.
I am willing to let go of what is blocking and harming me.
I am willing to heal the wounds of the past and former incarnations.
I am willing to learn the lesson which comes along with my problems.
I connect mentally-energetically during the sessions with Ray to take part in the healing treatment.
I have read the FAQ and the terms and conditions, and I take full responsibility for my participation in the group healing session.

Healing Sessions: Text

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check before you register!

What kind of energies are supplied?

Ray works with the highest, divine energies in the polarity of male and female quality. These divine spirit energies are subtle and at the same time very powerful.
Depending on the refinement of your energy body, you can feel these energies directly or you feel the effects of them.
Effects can be the feeling of activities in your body, sensations of warmth and cold, feelings of relief, peace, freedom, the release of stress, burdens, pains, the experience of positive changes, more mental clarity, better intuition, more well-being, more vitality, more ease in all you do, more harmony, more happiness, the healing of psychic wounds, the opening of closed doors, divine guidance, answers to your questions, finding solutions for problems, meeting good people, and many more things are happening when you get charged and healed with divine spirit energies. Indeed, taking part in these sessions means to walk the path of transformation.
Normal spiritual healing sessions only work on your energy body but they have no transformative effects.
This is one main difference between the mystical healing and normal approaches.

Perceiving the healing process

When you receive a physical treatment, you are able to perceive it with your physical senses, so you see the doctor and you feel what he is doing. A spiritual treatment cannot be seen or felt with your physical senses as it works on the highest energy level of the spiritual plane. If you are clairvoyant and clairsentient, you are able to see and to feel what is happening, – as a spirit in the spiritual world. This must be understood. So only if you have developed certain skills, a higher perception, you know what is happening during a session. Besides this, you can experience the indirect effects like activities in your body, changes in the state of your mind and soul, electric sensations, warmth, cold, tiredness because of the increase of energy, and many different effects as a result of the session which I have described already above.

Do I need to describe my problems?

No, it is not necessary for participating in the healing sessions. Just be open for your healing. In addition, no consulting is offered. The Divine Spirit knows your problems and how to heal them.

How does a session work?

You will receive a powerful stream of divine healing energies which work in your microcosm. The divine intelligence knows what needs to be done and your body will start its self-regulating, self-healing and self-cleaning processes automatically. Additionally, you will receive blessings and inspiration so that you can understand your lesson for the necessary changes. If it is night in your time zone and you sleep, you will be open perfectly for receiving the treatment. There is nothing to do. If you are awake during the session, then you can connect consciously with Ray and the Divine to take part with full awareness, observing what is happening. Take a comfortable position lying on your bed or take your favorite meditation posture. Just stay open and receptive.
The healing, vitalizing and cleaning processes will continue the whole day and night. Observe yourself and become aware of the effects for mind, soul and body. Be open for signs in your dreams and during the day.

How to participate consciously?

If you have time, you can connect with Ray consciously during the sessions. Take his picture to establish a mental-energetic connection. Get into a comfortable position and listen to the Chant of the Mystics: Veni Sancte Spiritus by Patrick Lenk: 
Just stay open, grateful and receptive. Let the energies work in you. It is fine if you fall asleep. Afterwards drink a good amount of water and take a walk in nature if possible.

How do I connect mentally-energetically with Ray?

By making the statement "I connect mentally-energetically during the sessions with Ray..." you program your subconsciousness to establish the connection automatically, so you can receive better the healing stream and treatment even when you are busy with different things at that time. In the best case, you have the time to meditate and connect consciously with Ray during the sessions.

How many sessions are useful?

This depends on the size of your problem. Complex and chronic problems need several sessions. Smaller problems can be healed in one session. In most cases three sessions are a good standard to see which progress is possible. For this reason, three sessions in a row must be booked. Extra sessions can help to stabilize results and to increase the level of vitality.

How can I donate?

To reduce effort for Ray, please donate in form of amazon gift cards (Germany):

Amazon Shop:

Recipient e-mail:  coaching(at)

Can I ask for a session for someone else?

Yes, you can. If possible, you can inform the person that you have asked someone for prayers of healing. If you cannot inform the person because of atheistic attitude or other reasons, it is okay. Here your good intentions are sufficient.

What are temporary initial aggravations?

In the healing process it is normal that old, bad energies of mind, soul and body get loose to be released. This can cause temporary initial aggravations of the symptoms. It is not a “must”. Bad thoughts, bad emotions, bad memories and toxins get released and you feel this. It is unpleasant but at the same time it is a very good indication of successful cleaning and healing. It makes sense to be strong and to stand the unpleasant experiences, knowing that it is only temporary and that you feel better afterwards. You could also pray for reducing these aggravations if they are too strong.

Healing as a Challenge

Perceive your situation as an opportunity and challenge to grow beyond your present limitations. Ask yourself – what is the message of your problem? What are you called to do? What are you meant to learn? What are you asked to change? What is your blind spot? What are you not aware of? Which negative things do you need to release? Which positive things do you need to integrate?
It is normal that we experience processes where imbalances grow, that we are not aware of this, that we ignore them and that we suffer when they become too big to ignore – in form of diseases, psychic problems and mental disorders. Now we are asked to accept, to understand and to work on changes to accomplish a higher level of harmony and health again.
The more you work in this regard, the better and the higher the chances of complete healing.

How can I support the healing process?

Meditate about your problems. Try to understand and differentiate causes and symptoms. Look for solutions instead of blaming yourself or others. Pray for inspiration, support and guidance to manage your situation and to learn your lesson. Eat healthy food. Drink more water than usual. Do a detoxing treatment over a period. Take natural supplements in a higher dose to supply all what the body needs for recovery. Practice kindness, gratitude and love in your life. Forgive yourself and others. Make peace with your past.

Healing Music – Recommendations

With the following selection of special music pieces, you can easily support your healing processes. The music is not only composed according to psychological-therapeutic standards, but also underlaid with spiritual healing energies of the healer Sananda. This means that these pieces of music are the most powerful and best that you can use for purification, healing, protection and refinement. There is a German intro in each piece which you can skip, so that you simply start after the first 4 minutes with listening. The more you listen to the music, the better for your cleansing and healing processes. Just follow your intuition.

396 HZ - Removal of possessions and blockages, dissolving negative energies.

639 HZ - Energetic charging with love and positive energy, attraction of happiness.

800 HZ - meditation music - protection from irradiation and occupation - relaxation music

Meditation Music - 432 HZ - Healing of Body, Mind and Soul - Relaxation Music

963 HZ - Connect with Higher Self, Activate Third Eye

1 HZ - Binaural - Always fall asleep in 8 minutes with this frequency

528 HZ - Raising your own vibration and consciousness

The sessions make me tired, why?

During the sessions you receive great amounts of finest, highest energies which are flooding your whole energy system, your whole body. This overdose of energy can make you feel tired as it needs to be processed by the body. It is natural and positive. In the best case, you can take a rest or a nap, so that all healing processes can work on a maximum level.
Healing processes take always place when the body has the chance to rest, for example at night.

Why donations?

The divine healing energies are offered for free, but healing depends on the right time, the right attitude and the willingness for learning your lesson and to realize necessary changes.
Ray has invested a lot of time in studies and training to offer spiritual healing sessions on highest quality level. As every incarnated soul, Ray has to work and to pay bills. Donations balance his time and effort, and they are a way of appreciating his services.

Can I get individual healing sessions?

Ray is a certified naturopath for psychotherapy and an experienced coach for life and business. His time is very limited. Individual therapy and healing sessions are offered only in exceptional cases and not for donations.

Additional support with Pranic Healing

Depending on your situation, it can make a lot of sense to support your healing processes with pranic healing. While the spiritual healing by Ray strengthens the Divine within you and offers healing by this approach, pranic healing works directly on the energy body, cleaning and vitalizing it. It also offers the analysis of the state of the energy body, saying which chakras, organs and body regions are polluted with ill energies.

As Ray is too busy to offer this service, Fredo Bernardo, a good friend and master of pranic healing is highly recommended for consultation. Please contact him by using this link:

What about feedback?

Your feedback is welcome. Please understand that it can be answered only in rare cases due to lack of time.

Can I write a testimonial?

Your testimonials are welcome and can be published on the website or on social media with your first name and country.

If I have a general question, what can I do?

Please send your question to Ray at He will answer general questions and add them to the FAQ.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Spiritual healing serves exclusively to activate the self-healing powers and does not replace the diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner.

  2. There is no legal claim to Spiritual Healing. Healing is not promised or guaranteed in any way.

  3. With Spiritual Healing, strong energies can flow, and temporary initial aggravations can occur as a sign of healing. The participation in the healing sessions is subject to personal responsibility.

  4. It does not represent a treatment in the conventional sense and is offered outside of the medical profession.

  5. Therefore, it is not intended to limit or replace treatment by doctors or alternative practitioners. In case of doubt, always follow the advice of the attending physician or alternative practitioner.

  6. Sessions can be canceled by Ray and postponed to a new date if necessary. You will be informed.

  7. Sessions may be declined by Ray if there are too many requests. You will be informed.

  8. Group sessions do not include any form of consultation, diagnosis or individual treatments.

Healing Sessions: FAQ
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