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Mystic Meditation on Unity & Enlightenment

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Each Sunday

Satsang traditionally means the gathering of the spiritual teacher with his disciples. During the gathering, the disciples receive the high spiritual energies of the Guru which nourish their souls, so that they get inspired and develop well. It is the natural transmission of the Divine Spirit from teacher to student.
As this is crucial and of high value for the mystical development, I offer Satsang online each Sunday at 9am German time for half an hour. This service is based on donations. Donations can be made before or after the sessions.

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Please register

Please fill in the following and send it together with a portrait photo to: coaching(at)

  • Full name:

  • Birthday: 

  • I am willing to open myself to the Divine Spirit to experience a state of unity, bliss and enlightenment.

  • I connect mentally-energetically during the session with Ray to take part in the stream of Light.

  • I have read the FAQ and the terms and conditions, and I take full responsibility for my participation in the Satsang.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check before you register!

What is required?

A true spiritual attitude and the longing for the experience of the Divine are required. Love and devotion will help you to make deep experiences. Any special training is not needed. You need a webcam, microphone and a skype account.

What is the Divine Spirit?

There are many terms for the Divine, respectively God has many names. In the end, it is the highest Spirit or the Great Spirit like the Native Americans use to say. The Divine Spirit is universal in nature. It is our true and highest Self. The Divine Spirit can be experienced as brilliant white light entering the whole being, together with violet light and other soft colors. These details are not important. Important is to understand that the refined human microcosm is a temple of the Divine Spirit. As Jesus said, the Father and I are one. This is self-realization, also called enlightenment, the state of unity, the mystical wedding, a state of bliss and ecstasy.

What can I experience?

The experiences are individual as they depend on your personal progress on the spiritual path. The more refined your nature is, the higher the experiences are. This is also true for your ability to feel love and devotion, the longing for unity. The stronger your feelings are, the more powerful your enlightenment will be.

What are the effects?

Higher visions, blissful states of ecstasy, divine inspiration, guiding insights, deep inner peace, divine joy, the activation of higher abilities, improvement of virtues, powers and skills, a better understanding of higher truths, out-of-body experiences and similar effects can happen. It depends on your spiritual maturity and on how often you do such meditations.

Is an offline participation possible?

Yes, in the case that your time zone makes it impossible to join the online session, you can participate offline, during your sleep. The active participation has advantages as you can connect consciously with Ray. If you take part offline, then just inform Ray via email.

How can I donate?

To reduce effort for Ray, please donate in form of amazon gift cards (Germany):

Amazon Shop:

Recipient e-mail:  coaching(at)

Terms and Conditions

  1. You take full responsibility for participating. This means that if you have any questions regarding your health, you should consult your doctor if a meditation is fine for you or not.

  2. Sessions can be canceled. You will be informed early enough, so that you can participate on another day.

  3. The spiritual energies for the Satsang are offered but individual experiences cannot be guaranteed as it depends on the personal maturity.

  4. Donations are a matter of appreciation. You decide how much and when you donate.

  5. The Satsang takes place in stillness, on the mental-energetical level.

  6. Please be punctual as we start at 9am, not later.

  7. The FAQ will be updated with your questions.

Satsang: FAQ
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