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Ray del Sole

Become the Creator of your life!

Let me be your tour guide who leads you up to the mountain top. Together, we develop your vision, the strategy and the processes which are needed to reach your destination in the best possible way. Together, we move from milestone to milestone. I will support you by giving consulting, activating resources and dissolving blockades.

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Ray del Sole: Willkommen
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My Expertise

Unfold your Greatness!

  • Over 25 years of spiritual studies and practical training on the universal path (Franz Bardon, the great Initiate)

  • Author of a series of books about spiritual topics & healing

  • Founder of the Sura Academy for Holistic Spiritual Training

  • Founder of Sura United for international spiritual projects

  • Certified Naturopath for Psychotherapy

  • Certified Psychological Counselor

  • Certified Past-Life-Therapist

  • Spiritual Healer in the Mystical Tradition

  • Certified Master of Hypnotherapy

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Postgraduate Studies of Industrial Management

  • Complete training in Pranic Healing (Choa Kok Sui)

  • Certified Eco-Biologist for Health & Ecology

  • Graduate Engineer for Architecture, specialized in eco-friendly construction, construction costs and project management

Ray del Sole: Info
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My Path as a Mystic

Enlightenment is not the end. It is the start of the journey!

When I was six years old, I have decided to dedicate myself to accomplish wisdom in this life. In the age of ten, I had the impression that we all are imprisoned in this world, in this physical body. With fifteen I became able to read more demanding books about the interesting mysteries of life and all these questions which are fascinating all true seekers on the path. As a teenager, I was very busy with studying all kinds of books to grow in the understanding of our world, - books about sciences, philosophies, religions, mysteries, spiritual traditions, etc. With eighteen I found by coincidence a book with instructions on how to become a magician. So far I I knew this topic in main from legends and fairy tales and I had a bad feeling about this topic. But it was the first book of Bardon and I was fascinated about his scientific and clear approach and so I started to understand its value and with this my training started too. With eighteen I had also some deeper insights – thanks to the studies of Bardon and so I had also a major enlightenment which realized the cosmic consciousness in my personality (and a bump on my head due to the massive streams of energy over days). Many years later, I got more insights of what really has happened during this enlightenment. I have understood that it was a kind of re-enlightenment as I was used to this state already in former incarnations. Further on, which was much more fascinating, I have discovered that I had used the performance of the cosmic letter E of Bardon´s Quabbalah training unconsciously to realize the cosmic consciousness and enlightenment. This means that I had some kind of training and initiation in this high science in a former life already. And in fact, looking back, I have a long spiritual journey in different religions, countries, times and cultures already. All is quite interesting and fascinating. I am deeply grateful for the memories which came up into my mind in different situations. There were many good times, - spiritual times and I have met “old” gods and the Divine Spirit again, a reconnection in great joy, love and happiness. I must also say that I am deeply grateful for receiving the chance to undergo the holistic mystical training of Bardon which means to be initiated into the whole nature of God, the macrocosmic virtues, powers and states of mind and soul. I call it the “treasure chest” of God. This allows me to say that I am a true mystic. Nevertheless, the spiritual journey goes on and there is so much to learn, so much also to master. Beginners often think that when you accomplish a certain step in your development that you have suddenly all skills, all powers, all the knowledge of everything but this is not the case. In fact, every skill needs its training and creation is so big that there is a lot to study. Besides this, missions are waiting for the mature soul to serve mankind. At last, I must admit that my path has not been from zero to perfection like Bardon offers it in his idealistic teachings which are more a guideline than an individual guide for your personal situation. In fact, most students of Bardon are very old souls with lots of spiritual training from former incarnations and are only here to complete the initiation process. But however it might be, we are all here to make progress and we are all brothers on the path, bound by true divine love and care.

Ray del Sole: Info
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Experiences of my Clients

Ray del Sole: Kundenbewertungen

You are a true blessing. Over three sessions, I came to realizations about a predicament and discovered a genuine healing path forward. You provided real insight and guidance on how to further heal my situation and other areas of life. Knots in my energy and physical body softened away, and I can sink into my sacral chakra again, an important aspect as a former martial artist. My perspective has shifted and I'm now more cognizant about challenges. After attempting to resolve a situation for years and trying many methods to no avail, with your healing and advice, I see it will be healed once and for all. Moreover, you showed me other areas of life that, with a little healing and the right approach, will completely transform my life experience. Thank you for shining a light on other areas that sorely need my attention. This healing was a special boon and a restoration my soul truly needed.

Victoria, USA

Ray del Sole is a powerful healer! In the three healing sessions where I was wide awake, I felt the toxic energy that created a swelling in my left cheek disappear within a few seconds. The healing literary changed my life journey, my attitude, and my general outlook on life almost just as quickly. I've had a numbness/swelling energy block on my left cheek for almost 20 years. I was unable to truly smile most of the time, my mental and spiritual clarity was impaired, I felt like a victim of society, unable to heal my multiple health issues, unable to have intimate relationships, unable to feel like myself, and unable to have a normal life where I felt comfortable letting down my walls. After just three sessions virtually all the toxic energy that was in the energy block on my left cheek was gone which altered my reality for the better almost overnight. I felt like myself again, able to have joy and smile. I became more confident being out with others in public plus my luck and relationships both improved after the healing. Life stopped feeling like a struggle. My spiritual life improved also since the toxic energy wasn't blocking my clarity or my connection to the Divine. I no longer had feelings of being alone and abandoned like I did before the healing. Life now seems like it is full of possibilities and now I can accomplish my goals and dreams.

Chris, USA

Core-Self Healing: Wanted to give you some more feedback on today. I think I mentioned this morning's meditation seemed significant. I felt asked or inspired to align myself and intentions with deep healing and to integrate this into my microcosm. All day I have experienced positive effects and have been able to accomplish all that I wished to accomplish in a smooth and easy manner (without having to struggle). Positive performance of mind, soul and body. I also felt an increase today in magical authority, or maybe a God connection. I feel very grateful.

Brian, USA

Blessing Session: Yesterday I got beautiful insights on occult anatomy, magical training and charisma. I've also been enlightened about my problems of this period. I feel refreshed, peaceful, and happy situations are supporting a further balancing of myself.
I also feel cleared from some wrong beliefs I had so far. It is wonderful.:)

Emanuele, Italy

If anyone is looking to move forward in their life in any area I would recommend working with Ray! He's a powerful healer, wise guide, kind friend and accomplished spiritual practitioner.

Just a few healing sessions with him has shifted my world in many ways (you can message me if you're curious to find out how). I could not recommend him more highly for all kinds of endeavors!

Bradley, England

Hi Ray, this has been such a great experience! Since the core healing in mid-April I have experienced wonderful progress. And then with the blessings I reached further potentials. And then with the start of Sura, I had the feeling/ sense that I (and we students/brothers/etc.) am surrounded, connected, supported and fueled by an abundance of energies and influences that provide all that is needed and helpful to accomplish all aims and wishes on the path. So it is a real blessing for me and all those connected with me.
Thank you for all your support and care. I feel such tremendous gratitude and thankfulness!

Brian, USA

Energy movement on my left lower lip to my entire left cheek. Lasted about four hours. Warmth healing energy around my heart and entire chest region. Lasted about forty to sixty minutes. Dreams/visions I saw myself with heavy loads and some people came shared the load and carried with me. Saw negative energy ready to attack in the form of a viper. It came close leaving its traces on the dust and I wouldn't see it when it came close by. Saw a relative close to me his energy field completely shattered and left open for attack. Thanks for healing. Pains fatigue from morning till 6pm.6pm till dawn refreshed and regain energy. Dreams/visions to me not so good. I saw my motorbike caught fire and when I tried to extinguish it I failed. I was in a very dirty room with my wife trying to clean it. It was too dirty with filthy things and we were working hard to get it right.

Thanks for healing. The healing you do is very powerful Ray. Everything is a fight. At soul level I have fought a fight of life and death. But I am victorious. I have no idea what it will bring to me in the physical plane, but I am grateful for the healing session.

John, Cameroon

Ray is an excellent master and a very good friend. I have been through many healing sessions conducted by Ray and with each session, I have seen great improvement within me, which ultimately led to a major spiritual transformation in my life.
I highly recommend Ray's healing sessions and guidance for the people who are seeking spiritual progress.
I met Ray in 2015 and since then many major things have changed for me and I would like to give credit to Ray.
Thank you so much Ray for all your love, support and guidance.

Sapnali, India

Sapnali, India

Yesterday my left leg was 'twitching' which is unusual. In my afternoon meditation I felt a slight buzzing energy in my upper body similar to vital energy practice but I deliberately didn't do any of that yesterday but only gentle contemplative meditations. I slept well without any interruptions. Just to say that on the Tuesday I was gently meditating at the same time and I received a bolt of light in my head which was like an electric shock...very powerful and unexpected. But without the pain of course.

Andrew, England

Pain sensation on my neck chakra, I feel my crown and foot chakras very activated. Also my emotions are low. The energy is working on my meridians. Little head and back pains also. It is working on my solar plexus chakra also, pulling out "things" from there. My crown chakra is active and my foot chakras; heat sensation on my crown chakra, and the feeling of shower energy. Yes, the sensation is of clearing, dissolving blockades. Hi, Ray! In the past two days, the healing was taking place on many levels, but especially on the solar plexus chakra. I feel quite better, with a sense of presence and the perception of now much higher. Yesterday I have felt again a big stream of energy coming in to my crown chakra and passing through my feet chakras. Thank you!

Victor, Romania

I participated in a remote healing session with Ray and experienced positive effects even before I found out Ray had begun the healing work. I could feel the energy in my body. When I provided Ray with very specific goals for healing on the mental, astral, and physical planes I received those healings. One was even a physical healing of a wrist injury. The effects were powerful and wonderful. I am profoundly grateful to Divine Providence and Ray for the healing!

Marc, USA

Yesterday evening I fell asleep and I dreamt that I was standing in front of my house, not able to enter it because all the meds I had to take kept me paralyzed. I felt quite stupid and helpless. You lived nearby. And I called you Ray… Ray... and then you came, and you brought me into my house…Thank you! Now I feel fit again!

Claudia, Germany

I wanted to write you and let you know how things were going. It’s been two months since you began our healing sessions. I feel stable for three weeks now and am very happy as I experience good progress in every area that I am aware of. It is deeply satisfying. And I have now a continuous sense of well-being, of fulfillment and enjoyment of life, that I don't remember experiencing for any length of time since I was a young boy. I am so grateful!
Your advice and suggestions have been of great benefit to me. I am very grateful to you, especially for your patience, consideration and kindness with personal matters.
All things are progressing nicely. Step by step, as you said. I understand better now how much a need I've had for clearing and restructuring. I continue to place the larger portion of my meditations and efforts towards cleansing, healing, and energizing. I find it amazing and exciting that every few days I can continue to observe more progress. I feel so blessed. Thank you for the healing.

Brian, USA

I got to know and appreciate Ray as a therapist. His immense knowledge - you can tell, it comes from a lot of practical experience, not just books - he uses it well-dosed and suitable.
Ray manages to create an atmosphere of trust in which unfamiliar methods such as healing energies, chakras, or hypnosis all feel natural and gentle. His down-to-earth, humorous style helps a lot to venture into this new territory. The reward is great, never before have I been so positive after a therapeutic session, I look forward to the further, healing cooperation and many more positive experiences.

Michael, Germany

Ray del Sole is one of the most fascinating people I have met. His soothing and easy-going manner conveys a great deal of empathy and competence right from the start.
The treatments byRay have taught me that behind the boundaries of general medicine is a continuation of another nature that is much more effective, gentler and more enduring. I was able to experience first-hand how blockades were dissolved in a single session and how varied the possibilities are that I have not been able to try before. I can recommend Ray without hesitation and with pleasure and am very happy and grateful that I have found him, because non-medical practitioner is not equal to non-medical practitioner.

Ivo, Germany

With Ray you feel as accepted as you are: In a relaxed atmosphere, you can communicate openly, he takes a lot of time for the treatments, has a warm-hearted and also humorous mind - but can also bring the necessary seriousness and support, you need. I always feel much better after the treatments - many, many thanks!

Anja, Germany

Ray is a very sensitive therapist who always finds the right words and understands his craft.

Sandra, Germany

It is great. My body was and still is hot the eczema is better than it ever was I had a little pain but not much and my brain had a wave of negativity all morning is that good? After 3 days of sessions from Ray my eczema that I had for years was gone. I realized the importance of the subtle body and so much more. I recommend it to all of you.

Robert, Romania

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