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Why you should think like a Magician

This is a very important topic which should be understood by everyone because it is a main key for success in life. Those who start the spiritual training should work directly on implementing the magical way of thinking.

Now, what does it mean “magic thinking”?

Indeed, it is very simple. Normally, people are driven by their thoughts and emotions, and when they enter a situation, they react. This is a passive way of life. As a magician you know that you are a creator and that you can and should create in an active way your life. This means to take responsibility and to be able to develop your life conditions in a preferable, positive way. You are a doer instead of being driven by all kinds of influences and instead of suffering in a victim mode. It is very useful to be your own master, to manage your fate in a beneficial way. Freedom belongs to the highest values.

And how can you achieve this?

Imagine that you increase your clarity of mind and your awareness of yourself and your life daily, just by training. With each day, you are more and more focused in the present moment. You are aware. You are open for the best choices. You are ready to take action. And you simply say what you want. That´s it in main.

For example, let´s imagine that you need new shoes. Normally, you would drive to the shopping area, searching for a parking lot, then searching for shops with shoes, then comparing different offers, then considering which shoes you could take, etc. This can take a lot of time and effort.

Let´s imagine that you use the magical attitude. So, first of all, you think about what kind of shoes you need. So, you define the price range, color, form, etc. Then you make the statement “I am happy to find directly the fitting shoes in XY seize, XY color, XY price etc.” Now you have programmed yourself and creation. The all-underlying intelligence of creation has received your wish, order, command and is ready now to let it realize. Your wish gives you the insight to visit a specific shopping center where you have the good feeling to get the right shoes. Now you make a second statement “I am happy to get the perfect parking lot in front of the shopping center!” Again, the intelligence of creation understands and supports your desire. As you have told yourself and creation exactly what you want, you can drive now to the shopping center, getting a nice parking lot and finding the fitting shoes in nearly zero time without any effort. Mission accomplished.

In conclusion: It is very important to make up your mind, to gain clarity, to give definitions and to say what you want and then the intelligence of creation can help you to realize your wishes. In general, it is useful to add a positive feeling to your command to show respect to the astral plane and to support the positive realization.

Remember, if you do not say clearly what you want, how can anyone know how to help you? This is the problem for most people.

I also want to emphasize that this magic thinking should be taken in a playful way. It should be fun. It should be fascinating. It should come along with wonders, with joy. When you order a parking lot where you normally have no chance to get one, but because you ask for one and it works out, then this is a wonder. It is a lawful wonder. It can be really amazing to experience how such things work.

So, in conclusion, just do training on saying what you want. Develop clarity. Develop gratitude. Stay fascinated. Be like a child. Let wonders come true. Wonders can be realistic. The all-underlying intelligence of creation is just waiting for your wishes to help them realize.

Certainly, your wishes need to be possible and they should make sense. Positive, good wishes work much better than selfish or destructive wishes. In the end, you take the responsibility. Be good, do good, feel good! Think magically!

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