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Elixirs of Life

Tea Alchemy & Quabbalistic Energies

Support your wellbeing & vitality with magically charged elixirs made for you by Ray del Sole.

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Elixirs of Life: Willkommen

Tea Alchemy - Elixirs for Life

The ancient alchemists knew a variety of essences, tinctures and elixirs, which were used especially for healing purposes. The so-called elixir of life, which strengthens health, gives youthful appearance and prolongs life, is also one of them. In fact, an elixir of life is a regenerative agent that must be taken regularly to maintain vitality at a high level.
There are different types of elixirs of life with different effects. However, all life elixirs have in common that they consist of fluidic condensers and energetic charges that have mental, astral and physical effects.
Charging with special energies is the key to the desired effect. The energies are programmed accordingly with ideas of healing, vitalization and harmonization. Here, the fluidic condensers serve as substances that absorb and store the energies.

Elixirs of Life: Text
Tea Alchemy

Alchemical Tea - quabbalistically charged

As a hermeticist and quabbalist, I can prepare elixirs and charge them energetically. The basis for the elixirs are special herbal and spice teas with salts, gold and vitamin C as natural preservatives. Herbs, spices and teas are excellent fluidic condensers for the four elements. The salts especially influence the gross physical level and gold is one of the strongest, universal condensers.

The elixirs are filled by me in vials, charged and shipped to order.

Currently I offer the following charges following the instructions of Franz Bardon:

1. highest type of life energy for vitalization and harmonization.

2. vitalizing & harmonizing effects, supports self-healing processes

3. strengthens vitality, eliminates states of exhaustion (fire element)

4. for mental freshness and vitality (fire and water element)

5. strengthens nerves, vitality, resistance and health

6. promotes healing of nervous diseases, vitality and inner peace

7. consolidates health, promotes self-healing & prolongs life

8. cheers up in depressive mood, helps to solve problems

9. promotes resilience, increased performance in sports, at work, etc.

10. for lightness, joy of life and increased endurance (air element)

11. strengthening your light & spirit

12. individual charge as needed to support self-healing e.g. with vital force, light & the elements.

Elixirs of Life: Info

The right application

Since these are regenerative remedies, it makes sense to take the elixirs for at least 3 days. This is then usually 2 vials per day. Depending on personal needs, a 7-day or 10-day course of treatment may of course be better.
For a better understanding: The elixir energies are supplied to the body, promoting the self-healing processes in spirit, soul and body. These energies are consumed in the process. This is comparable to a cell phone, which you charge so that it can work. The more and the more frequently it gets energy, the better it can work. And the better and more frequently we charge the body, the more extensively it can vitalize and regenerate.
If a person is healthy and vital, such an elixir can strengthen health and increase vitality. If there is a mental-emotional disharmony, an elixir can help to bring about a regulation, i.e. a harmonization. If there is a physical illness, an elixir can promote recovery through general vitalization and regulation of the elements. If a person is elderly, then an elixir can be revitalizing and rejuvenating. With age, energy levels reduce and can be lifted by an elixir.

Elixirs of Life: Text

What needs to be considered?

Healing means harmonization, regulation, balancing. It means that something in life has become disharmonious, causing suffering. No matter whether medicines, elixirs or other forms of treatment are used, it is always important to understand causes, connections and symptoms. The lesson in life wants to be understood and learned. It is about positive changes, behavioral changes and personal development.
It is about spiritual and astral energies that are processed in the human energy system. Accordingly, the elixirs are not remedies or medicines and cannot replace treatment by a doctor.
Depending on the personal condition, the elixirs can have different effects. Under certain circumstances, so-called initial worsening of symptoms may occur when the body strongly activates its self-healing processes. This is only the case for a short time and is a good sign, as one feels better afterwards. Depending on the problem, you can of course contact your attending physician if you have any concerns.
The elixirs are made on the basis of selected herbs, spices and fruits. A list of ingredients can be checked in case of allergies or intolerances.
In general, the principle of self-responsibility applies. You must decide for yourself whether and which elixirs you take and to what extent. Thus, you bear full responsibility for the use of the elixirs yourselve. Guarantees for the effects of the elixirs cannot be given in general, since effects are always of an individual nature.
The elixirs are produced and charged to the best of knowledge and quality. They are intended to promote health, well-being and harmony in people.

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How to order your elixir

If you have any questions, please contact me before making an order.

One vial with elixir costs 27 €. You get two vials per day of treatment which means 54 €. The minimum of 3 days with 6 vials cost 162 €. 7 days with 14 vials cost 378 €. 10 days with 20 vials cost 540 €. The shipping is extra and needs to be calculated individually.

Please send me an email to coaching(at) with (copy & paste)

  • Your full name:

  • Your Birthday:

  • Your address for delivery:

  • The number of the elixir:

  • If you want an individually prepared elixir, please describe your wishes here and I will come back to you:

  • The number of days of treatment: 3, 7, 10 or an individual choice:

  • Yes, I have read the information on the page, FAQ, the terms and conditions, and I take full responsibility for using the elixirs.

  • Yes, I understand and accept that the elixirs are not medicine and do not replace treatments by a doctor. In the case of illness or pains, I consult my doctor.

  • Yes, I understand and accept that the elixirs work corresponding to the present state of harmony & vitality of the individual. Specific effects cannot be guaranteed.

  • Your question or comment:

I will answer your email as soon as possible. Questions and answers will be added to the FAQ section.

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Please check!

List of possible Ingredients

Please check if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients before ordering an elixir:
Anise, Apple, Barley malt, Basil, Bergamot, Black pepper, Cardamom, Chilli pepper, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cocoa shells, Coriander, Elderflower, Fennel, Fenugreek, Ginger, Ginseng, Gold, Green tea, Hibiscus, Honeybush, Hops, Lavender flowers, Lemon extract, Lemon grass, Lemon juice, Lemon myrtle, Lemon peel, Lemon verbena, Licorice, Linden flowers, Liquorice root, Nettle, Orange extract, Orange peel, Peppermint, Raspberry leaves, Rose hips, Rose petals, Salts, Saffron, Sage, Spearmint, Turmeric root, Vitamin C, distilled Water, Yarrow herb

How does it taste?

The Alchemy Tea has a fruity, slightly sour taste. It is in main a fruits & herbs tea as you can see when you check the list of ingredients.

How do I take the elixir?

Taking the elixir means to supply extra energies to your energy system and this means that your self-regulating processes are automatically activated. Your body starts to balance, clean, vitalize and heal itself in mind, soul and body.

You can support these self-healing processes perfectly by taking a nap, by relaxing or by sleeping. 

I suggest taking the elixirs, then to lie down, relaxing, maybe sleeping for around an hour, and afterwards taking a walk in nature. 

While you relax, you can observe how the energies are working in you. The walk afterwards helps to vitalize the whole energy system, spreading the energies. 

It is also fine to take the elixirs in the evening before going to bed.

It is not recommendable to take them before any activities as the extra amount of energy together with the self-regulating processes can easily make you feel tired.

You can take both vials one after the other to take advantage of the synergistic effects. It is also possible to expand the time of the treatment by taking only half of the vials at once and keeping the rest for the next day.

In all cases you should drink afterwards 1-2 glasses of water. 

Simply follow your intuition. 

Why two vials per day?

In most cases the vials contain different energies which have to be kept separated. The vials will be marked so that you can differentiate them. When taken, the energies then work together and create synergistic effects, so then have a stronger effect.

What means quabbalistically charged?

Franz Bardon has given instructions for the preparation of elixirs. The best effects are obtained by using quabbalistic formulas. These energies are powerful and dynamic in nature, representing the highest quality standard.

Does the elixir contains alcohol?

No, the elixirs are made on the basis of water and preserved with natural vitamin C as a substitute for alcohol.

Elixirs of Life: FAQ
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