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Guidance on the Path to spiritual Mastery

with your personal Guide - Ray del Sole

 I am Ray del Sole - spiritual Author, Coach & Trainer. I offer you the Support and the Tools you need for real Mastery on your spiritual Journey. Explore my website and learn more.

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Ray del Sole

Spiritual Author, Coach & Trainer

I am a specialist for all questions and challenges on the spiritual path. I know the problems and I know the solutions. I can guide you in an efficient way to reach your goals. You will save precious time, effort and pains.

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What the Clients say


Ray is a true spiritual master and has been my spiritual coach for over 2 years now.  Before meeting and working with Ray I was feeling trapped inside of my own mental prison and living a limited life.  The work with Ray has helped me to heal and transform the inner obstacles that prevented me from making great progress with my spiritual development and being able to create my dream lifestyle.  Now I have developed the spiritual power and mastery over my life to create it the way that I want it to be.

Kevin, Canada


Ray is a true teacher, healer, coach and friend. I initially came to Ray for a healing session after struggling with a karmic situation that I had trouble improving, despite my best efforts. After my sessions with him, my situation continuously improved and I felt blessed to have a qualified and talented healer help me shift the energies around me. Since then, I’ve continued to work with Ray in Sura Academy and have been blessed to find a community of like-minded individuals, where we are empowered, share our unfolding journeys, studies and insight, and more. Ray’s high level of values and spiritual accomplishment further inspires me to make the best of this life and tap into my deep reservoir of potential.

Victoria, USA


Thanks to Ray's support and guidance my life and awareness is improving to a higher level. You don't have to believe me, you must check it by yourself, and all that I could say about Ray's work is not enough. Of course you have to work on yourself, nothing comes without intention and work, if you have the inner motivation and will power, Ray could boost your inner progress. When I look back, almost year and a half, I realized of my actual progress, healing, and empowerment. Rays is always motivating and inspiring you for your progress, so I don't have words to express my gratitude to him.

Roberto, Spain

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Reach your spiritual Goals!

And save precious time, pains and efforts!

The spiritual Path is full of Challenges, Mysteries and Adventures. It is the Journey into the Unknown. This rocky Path offers much Space for Delusions, Half-Truths, Traps and Failure. It is easy to waste precious time and effort. Instead of suffering, you can work with me. Together we will clear Blockades, find the right Solutions and apply the necessary training for full Success in the most efficient Way.

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Let´s find the Answer to your Question!

We will analyze and discuss your question to find the fitting answer. Book me for single skype sessions to receive quick help and professional solutions.

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Let´s win your Challenge together!

Coaching is a process, where we work on your goals over a certain period of time. We will analyze your goals, your situation, your blockades and needs. On this basis, we will develop a plan with milestones to help you realize your goals step by step in an efficient way. You get all what you need for full success.

In three months, we work together on realizing your progress in a most efficient way. This includes all steps of analysis, strategy planning and the application of fitting techniques. 

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Let´s walk the Path together!

You are ready to walk the universal path of spiritual mastery and you are ready for a holistic, efficient training? Then you have found the right mentor to guide you! We follow the highest quality standards in the most efficient training for your best development.

One year of mentoring is waiting for you. All inclusive! Make as much progress as possible on your path to spiritual mastery! 

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Are you ready to accelerate your spiritual development?

Coaching: Programme

Special Sessions

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Strategy Consulting

Set your goals!

We will analyze together your goals and challenges. On this basis, we will discuss how you can achieve your goals in the best way.

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Introspection Work

Know who you are!

We will work out your soul-mirrors and analyze the results. On this basis, we will discuss a useful strategy to work on your personal refinement. 

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Progress Bundle

Get empowered for real changes!

In the first session, we will analyze and discuss your problem. In the second session, we will dissolve your blockades. In the third session, we will vitalize and balance you. And in the fourth session, we will empower you. In this way, you will be able to make real progress and to implement positive changes for your situation. 

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Are you ready to accelerate your spiritual development?

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Are you ready to work with Ray del Sole?

If you want to achieve a big impact or a dramatic change in your life, you are right for me. Fill in the form to get started today.

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Darmstädter Str. 30,
64521 Groß-Gerau

+49 176 38 852 651

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Danke für's Absenden!

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